Oct 22, 2011

17 things "BF" would never do!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone....today i want to tell something about ur BF tht never do.....hahahaha...:-)

  • Say mean things to or about ur friends n family
  • Forget to call u when he told u he would...We hate it..rite
  • Go out wif ur BFF at the same time (that called two-timing) or when it's over (NOT good place to go)
  • Make u feel bad when eating junk food or jokes about ur body
  • Checks ur mobile phone to see who calls n texts u. Trust issue. Anyone?
  • Forget ur birthday, anniversary, or important dates.
  • Ditch u at a party without telling u...So cute....
  • Keep u or ur relationship a secret from his girlfriend..SO BAD
  • Change or cancel ur dates
  • Openly flirt wif other girls right in front u
  • Call u disrespectful n derogatory names like "BITCH"
  • Lie to u.....HHHHEEERRGGGHHH....
  • Critics and make fun of u to his pals behind ur back
  • Ignore u when u go out in public or when his fwenz are around
  • Stop u from doing the thing u love
  • Always pressure u to a bad things.
  • Break ur heart-this one's real deal-breaker
when u know about this..u will turns out tht ur BF hve none of those BAD BF TRAITS!!!It's something so simple have chnged ur relationship for the better

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