Oct 3, 2011

Each boredom need to be filled activities that are not boring....

Assalamualaikum uolls.....

I actually did feel tired because I know what to do .... so when the craze hit I would only open the webcam to snap! snap! .. hahahahaha
After all, I am longing for my parents, my friends near Sp ... huh ... so for the loss of my boredom I snap pictures of my ugly ... hahahaha ... so treat je ... .
often people will do anything ..... bored
(a) surf the Internet
(b) leave to go shopping
(c) sleep .. zzzzzz

whatever la .. those who are tired of the problem ..... but for me .. I am able to do the work in the room snap .. hahaha ..




Kamu kawan cyer..cyunk!!!cyunk kmo


 Who care?sapa yang gila ker....aper..tapi sudah bosan..aper ley wat...buat satu bnda yang cn't cntrol cik honey la....huhuhuhu.....bui..bui..

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